" Building a Victorious Church that Live the Word through the Power of Jesus Christ" '



Sunday Bible Study                               9 am

Sunday Worship Service                  10 am

Children Church                                 11 am

Wednesday Bible Study                      7 pm

Friday Intercessory Prayer               6 pm


Women Ministry                   3rd Saturday

Men Ministry                          4th Saturday

Nursing Home Min.   (every other )     1st Sat.

Jail Ministry                                    Biweekly


8144 Tidemill Road

Hayes, VA 23072             804.642.9612


P.O. Box 1811      Hayes, VA  23072

    History of Church of the Living Word

January 2, 1993 Being led by the Holy Spirit, eight Christians came together with Mother Ethel Woodard, Pastor Eunice and Bishop Woodard in the name of Jesus Christ to establish a new house of worship in Gloucester, VA.  After counselling with Pastor Floyd M. Blackwell and receiving his blessings, Church of the Living Word was birth under the leadership of Bishop Gregory Woodard to teach people to live according to His Word daily.

The small mission was started in the living room of Rev. Raymond Clayborne. Needing a place to worship, Pastor Paul Pollard, New Life COG, Hayes, invited us to co-worship with them during morning worship services. This was a miracle: two different denominations, two different nationalities, coming together as one Body in Christ. New Life Church of God congregation was selling their church building and constructing another edifice on Route 17. Prayerfully, Bishop Woodard, Pastor Eunice and Mother Woodard began negotiations to buy the property.

On July 4, 1993, by the hand of God, we purchased the church property! We grew from being a mission to a church body with the vision of ‘Building a victorious church that lives the Word through the Power of Jesus Christ’.

We are a ministry of excellence; preaching, teaching and evangelizing many souls in the hedges, highways and by-ways. Through the anointed preaching of the Living Word and demonstration of the Holy Spirit, God has added to the church daily such as should be saved.

As we rely on the grace of God, He shall use us for His Glory. As we listen to God, He shall speak. As we obey Him, He shall lead us.

His servants,

Living Word Family

Church of the Living Word