Church of the Living Word



Sunday Bible Study                               9 am

Sunday Worship Service                  10 am

Children Church                                 11 am

Wednesday Bible Study                      7 pm

Friday Intercessory Prayer               6 pm


Women Ministry                   3rd Saturday

Men Ministry                          4th Saturday

Nursing Home Min.   (every other )     1st Sat.

Jail Ministry                                    Biweekly


8144 Tidemill Road

Hayes, VA 23072             804.642.9612


P.O. Box 1811      Hayes, VA  23072

      Why attend church this week? 

     Attend Church This Week


 God gave us the Sabbath day for our benefit. The peaceful surroundings, opportunity for prayer and meditation, joyful song, lessons, and fellowship with family and friends can leave us strengthened and refreshed. We are ready for a new week and can face the world with the courage of spirit that God grants us. Do yourself a favor and spend time at your house of worship this weekend every week!

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" Building a Victorious Church that Live the Word through the Power of Jesus Christ" '