Church of the Living Word

" Building a Victorious Church that Live the Word through the Power of Jesus Christ" '



Sunday Bible Study                               9 am

Sunday Worship Service                  10 am

Children Church                                 11 am

Wednesday Bible Study                      7 pm

Friday Intercessory Prayer               6 pm


Women Ministry                   3rd Saturday

Men Ministry                          4th Saturday

Nursing Home Min.   (every other )     1st Sat.

Jail Ministry                                    Biweekly


8144 Tidemill Road

Hayes, VA 23072             804.642.9612


P.O. Box 1811      Hayes, VA  23072

An Invitation

We invite you to be our special guest in our Sunday morning revival services. Church of the Living Word actively promotes diversity because we believe the Gospel makes us one -transcending all our cultural & ethnic differences. To help you feel a little more at home, here's a snapshot of what to expect.
​ Our worship experience has the primary purpose of exalting the Lord. Some songs will have a gospel feel and will have a contemporary flavor. During the worship you may see: ​ Raising of hands, Clapping, Singing, Testimonies Whatever the style, we hope you will find our worship to be wholeheartedly unto the Lord and done with a spirit of excellence.

A typical Sunday morning service last about ninety minutes and divides approximately according to this schedule:

Praise & Worship                                                  30 minutes

Ministry Time                                                          10 minutes

Welcome to Guest                                               (you are not asked to stand & speak)

Announcement & Tithes /Offerings          10 minutes

Release Children to Children Church

Practical Preaching / Teaching                      40 minutes                   

 See You Sunday!